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Trainer Takeover

Motivating & Challenging workouts, designed and led by Personal Trainers, that target different muscle groups, improve agility, endurance, and strength.


Silver Sneakers

Certain times of the day are reserved for our senior citizens to workout in an environment which is safer for them. 

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Sculpt & Burn

Body sculpting uses external weight or resistance or your own body weight to stress the muscles. The end result is newly toned or sculpted muscles. Body sculpting can help you get in shape, tone the body and lose weight. 


Dance & Burn

Incorporates fun dance moves and high intensity training intended to keep you in the fat burning zone! High energy music and a party atmosphere will have you smiling while you sweat!  All ability levels are welcome!

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Private Training 

Personal Trainers are certified and experienced in providing unique and customized fitness programs for clients who want to train within their private comfort zone.



Barre is a low impact workout  that utilizes precise movements designed to stretch and strengthen muscles in the upper body, hips, glutes and abs, utilizing small dumbbells and a six pound aerobic bar.  Suitable for all levels.



SHiNE Dance Fitness™ brings original routines to life using hit music and choreography for all-abilities. Rooted in jazz, ballet, and hip-hop, this workout gives you a creative outlet to escape from daily stress. Each class includes the perfect balance of high cardio and toning to ensure you receive a full-body workout with real results. SHiNE is a mood-lifting experience that leaves you feeling capable, confident, and connected to a supportive community.